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• 9/29/2018

Garo to go internationally

What do you think if Garo would go international?

What I mean by that is that with seeing Vanishing Line taking place in America. It'd be nice for an American/Canadian adaptation taking place in America/Canada. But keep Kouga, Raiga & Ryuga around.

Like have an American/Canadian become the next Garo.

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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/11/2015

Changes to the Wiki.

Hi all,
It's been a really long time since any development on this wiki was made. Today, I decided with my newfound knowledge on how to operate the new markup infoboxes, that I will revamp one of our hub wikis that are in need for easier viewing and to draw hopefully new editors in.
I replaced the hideous darkgrey background on gold text that made it illegible to something more on the darker side. It definitely works.
I also made new templates to replace the old ones with the revamped markup infoboxes. All the fields/parameters are kept the same, meaning it's a 1:1 conversion, almost hassle free.
The main reason why I also chose to go for the new infobox markups instead of my precious Characterinfo from KRWiki or even the complex templates is that it's outdated. This wiki is particularly new and empty and these new infobox markups are more easier to look at, more minimalistic, and is also doing us a favor in the future when these markups become standard globally on Wikia's side.
Everything looks improved and I spent a great amount of time working today to make sure development of this wiki isn't neglected. I hope everyone will come in and join us in developing this wiki. Aldo has been working really hard on numerous of the hub wikis and I feel like we should all lend him a hand.
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• 8/5/2014

Things needed to be done

Hi guys, just went over the wiki with Digifiend and noted a few things that need touched up on/done as time permits.

Make sure all show pages and templates use the Japanese names - but do make English pages, and have them redirect to the Japanese show pages.
Update cast lists - Mitsuzane Kureshima's actor was in The One Who Shines in the Darkness, as was Nao Nagasawa - neither are on the page (not even as guest cast)
De-wikipedia pages that use Wikipedia content - this means removing unnecessary linkage and changing any toku or j-drama links to inter-wiki links on the hub. (Kiba Gaiden is but one example of this)
Add images/scans for Horrors.
Categories and templates need renamed to match Japanese names (Digifiend has a tool that can do this)
More to come, edited in as need be.
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• 7/27/2014

Need images or scans

I have tried my best to do this, but I'm beginning to see why so many toku shows are featured in broad daylight...It is hard to see what the heck is going on at night or get clear frames.
I would like an assistant, an editor who has an HD capable computer, as mine is old and cannot handle hi-res images
What we need help making images of:
Horrors: These are the really hard ones to get a shot of, as they are obscured in pitch black surroundings or coated in CGI effects to block clear shots.
Makai Knights: Almost the same problem, but this one is fixable. I have seen magazine scans, we just need to find a source that has them all.
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• 6/14/2014

Character Pages

Please modify pages for Makai Knights and other appropriate characters to fit the preload template if you guys would. Some of this info came from elsewhere and its formatting was preserved in transit. Thanks!
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• 6/14/2014

Modifying the Image Guidelines for Garo Wiki

As those who have witnessed the show know, the Garo Series is more adult with nudity and the Terms of Use is strict on this aspect.
I think our Image Guidelines should be modified for this wiki as it is a special case compared to the others, as we will have to deal with possible censorship and must a way to keep the wiki within those guidelines set by Wikia.
A few characters I can see a problem with doing this, such as the Horrors Messiah and Karma, as we pretty much need images of them for their pages. Finding workarounds such as image editing may be our only option in some instances.
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