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The Abyss Forest is a forest located in the Kantai District. According to Makai Priests, no traveler had ever come out this place alive due to its bizarre mystical properties that cause random gravity distortions. An example of this is that when someone enters, the forest "turns" vertically and causes the traveler in question to "fall" downward through the forest, only for it to turn 180° to 0° or 270° and have them slam into a tree or fly around helplessly. The distortions seem to be distance based, as it changes depending on how far the person in question is inside the forest. If a traveler somehow manages to make it past a certain point, gravity returns to normal and they land on the ground, but cannot leave the area unless they go back the way they came through the Abyss Forest.

In Garo Special: Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun, Kouga, Jabi, Rei and Tsubasa had to enter the forest to rescue Rin from Legules forces and battled some of them using the gravity to their tactical advantage. The four managed to be the first to ever make it out of the Abyss Forest alive and even managed to return to Kantai through it safely after Legules was defeated.

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