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Alice Hiromi (尋海 アリス Hiroumi Arisu?) is the final antagonist in Zero: Dragon Blood. She summoned the last Makai Dragon, Rupu and wants to destroy the world and rebuild it as she saw it in her fantasy. When she was absorbed by the dragon, an impostor called Alice the Dragon Knight (竜騎士アリス Ryūkishi Arisu?) came out and attacked Rei Suzumura and Rekka.

Character History

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A seemingly normal girl who loves photography. She was actually a deeply broken person inside due to the tough childhood and constant rejection she experienced. She only found comfort after finding the dragon egg as a kid and seeing the visions it brought her. Wanting to see the colorful paradise after the dragon destroys the world, she orchestrated most of the events happening in the series, even risking her own life in the process.

Unlike other villains in the series, her motivations only seemed to come from genuine wonder, as she only wanted to see the world from different perspectives. However, the means she was willing to take to meet those ends made her more of a liability and eventually, a threat.

Behind the Scenes


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