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Anna Luis (アンナ・ルイス, Anna Ruisu?) is the elder sister of Esmeralda Valiante, the wife of Germán Luis and the late mother of León Luis.

Character History

17 years before the start of the series, Anna and Germán Luis (Anna's husband) were pursued and captured by the King's soldiers and she was sentenced to be burned at the stake for her supposed crimes of witchcraft. In reality, she was used as a scapegoat by Mendoza to enact his plans to reawaken the Horror Anima.

Before she died, she placed a curse on him and gave birth to León Luis (Anna's son) where she places a spell on him to protect him. Her husband broke out of his prison and rescued their son, but Anna told Germán that he needed to run or the soldiers would kill him and she died from burning to death.

Saving her son once more

During the final battle with Mendosa, who had absorbed Anima's power to become invincible. Leon decides to go into the portal to the Makai Realm to trap Mendosa inside by pinning him to his armor on a falling platform. When Mendosa taunted that he would eventually die after the Garo armor disengaged, he suddenly bursts into flames. Anna's spirit appeared and transferred the seal on her son to Mendosa, causing him to eternally burn even when his body tired to regenerate. She told Leon that the flames were not a symbol of revenge, but a symbol of her love for her child, as she wanted to protect him from Mendosa. She gave parting words of love to Leon before telling him to go back to the human world as she would trap Mendosa forever in her flames.


Anna was a very sweet and gentle young woman, but she was a bit ditzy as she could not control her horse and regularly fell off of it. She also was very optimistic and saw the best in people, even if they were like the ones who hunted her for being a witch. In the afterlife, she seemed more mature and wore a white gown, and went to great lengths to see that her son was safe.


Anna was seen very briefly, but it is known however she possessed skill in magic and created a spell to protect her son that encased him in flames.



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Behind the Scenes

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