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Ashiya Douman was an onmyōji who was obsessed with darkness, willing to go to any lengths to spread evil throughout the land through Rudra's power. His name is actually a title he inherited from his mentor the Priest Douma.

Character History

It is later revealed that Douman is Fujiwara no Michinaga's long-lost brother, having been scarred and cast out of the clan as an infant. When his identity as a Fujiwara clansman is revealed, Douman refuses Michinaga's offer of an alliance, as their goals are too different despite having similar paths. His power, however, is still no match for the Watchdog Inari. Douman allows Rudra to consume him upon its revival, his body emerging from the Horror's primary face. When Raikou enter's Rudra's inner darkness to cut down Douman, he notes that Douman still clings to some small amount of light, otherwise he would have lost his will and been completely absorbed by the Horror. Once Rudra is sealed, Douman challenges Raikou to one final duel, despite Raikou's protests, and is swiftly defeated. In his final moments, Douman accepts the light, his facial scars fading before his body dissolves in Seimei's arms. 

Abilites & Arsenal

He has significant power, able to produce thorny vines to snare opponents or use his heavily scarred face as an Inga Gate to "infect" others with Horror possession.



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