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Makai Priests ( 魔戒法師 Makai Hōshi?) are humans who are practitioners of magic and were the first line of defense against the threat of Horrors in ancient times. After the battle against Zedom however, which caused the deaths of countless Priests and Priestesses just to seal the demon, the Makai Knights were created to serve as a militant strike force section of the Makai Order.

After this, Makai Priests served more various supportive roles, creating Madou Tools, weapon designers, blacksmiths for repairing Makai Armor, and helping Makai Knights in their battle by defeating weaker Horrors while the Knights handled a larger threat.

Makai Priests possess a vast knowledge of spells, purification and sealing techniques to aid Makai Knights and can handle themselves in combat through the use of various martial arts techniques. They also carry a Madō Brush to channel their magic to cast spells. While Makai Knights report to Watchdogs for orders, Makai Priests act independently and often substitute for a Knight in certain locations when there isn't one protecting a district. A select few can wield Soul Metal, and some such as Leo Fudou and Tsubasa Yamagatana can use the powers of both a Knight and a Priest due to parentage.

Most female members of a Makai Knight family become Priestesses because there are no female Makai Knights, as the armors were designed during a time when only men went into a battle as Knights and the strain of an armor's Soul Metal is too great for their bodies to handle. Even though she is female Yuna is a Makai Knight because Cain inserted her fathers forearm bone in her arm.

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