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Chapter 15: Project G is the 15th Episode of Garo: Honoo no Kokuin.


At Santa Bard, the local craftsmen decide to create an armored suit inspired by the legend of the Knight of Light to protect the city, but they soon find that such a feat is not as easy as they believed.

Plot Summary

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  • The G suit's finishing move, the "Garo Punch" that it used on the bear is a parody of the Rocket Punch, a trademark attack of the super robot Mazinger Z from the franchise of the same name. The suit even does the same pose as the titular robot before firing the fist.
    • However, unlike its more famous counterpart which kills its opponents in one hit, the Garo Punch failed.
  • After taking damage, the suit caught fire on half its body. This gave it a resemblance to Leon Luis when he wore the real Garo armor.


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