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So much fun its a Crime

The exterior of Crime

[crime] is a Goth/S&M themed nightclub that becomes the base of operations for the Apostle Horror Karma. The club was used by Karma and her subordinates to lure humans with vice and desires and them feast upon them. The club was then part of a battle between Kouga, Rekka and the Horror trio.  Some of the club's patrons fled after Kurusu used glass shards to attack them and the rest were possessed by Horrors through Karma's power. The battle ended with Kouga losing the Garo Armor and Karma forced to relocate to a new area. Presumably, the establishment resumed normal business after Karma's defeat.

[crime] is shown to have a rave dance hall, a fully stocked bar and private rooms for clients to engage in more promiscuous activities.

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