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Hoono Icon.png This article is about a/an villain and a Horror in Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Father Nicholas was originally a priest who tortured and executed accused witches, this led to a Makai Portal opening and letting Ezol possess him.

Character History

Honoo no Kokuin

Father Nicholas is first seen checking Ema, whom some guys brought him under the suspicion of being a witch, and gives her the choice to confess for a less painful death and day to think it over. But he turns on his word and comes at night to try to torture Ema, but she reveals that he is a horror and that she is a Makai Priestess. German and Leon then appear to save Ema, with Leon bringing Ezol outside. Leon fights Ezol until Ema appears to help Leon, forcing Ezol to switch to his pendulum axes form and knock Leon over a recently burned stake. This triggers Leon's memories and quickly changes to a berserk Garo, leaving Ema to finish off Ezol by herself.