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Yasusuke was a member of the Fujiwara clan who threw away his title and became a thief, adopting the name Hakamadare. Yasusuke eventually becomes a Makai Knight, taking on the title of Zanga the White Lotus Knight (白蓮騎士・斬牙(ザンガ)Byakuren Kishi Zanga).

Character History

Yasusuke is a member of the Heian-kyō police magistrate, a member of the Fujiwara clan despite having never felt like a noble. Overcome with the pressures of his noble obligations and frustrated with the aristocracy's neglect of common citizens, Yasusuke relinquishes his title and name and becomes a thief who steals from aristocrats, taking on the name Hakamadare. He is later shown to have formed a gang of thieves that steal from aristocrats and give to the poor, vowing never to take a life unless absolutely necessary. By twist of fate, Yasusuke eventually receives his family's armor, thought to be long lost, through a distant relative and becomes a Makai Knight, taking on the title of Zanga the White Lotus Knight. Yasusuke comes into conflict with Raikou once his brother Fujiwara no Yasumasa is killed by Seimei, insisting that she must be slain and can not be saved despite Raikou's beliefs to the contrary. After a duel, Yasusuke agrees to not kill Seimei, but warns Raikou to not allow any more lives to be lost. After Seimei is freed, Yasusuke rejoins the group in order to slay Rudra once and for all, giving Kaguya the magic book that kept the protective seal on the Light Palace so she can remember the sealing incantation.


As an aristocrat, he is a firm and honorable character who has a soft spot for the common people and never looks down on people who are of lower social status. After he becomes the thief Hakamadare, he adopts a brash and aggressive personality, and is now openly disdainful of the aristocracy, making scornful remarks at them whenever a chance to do so presents itself.

Zanga, The White Lotus Knight

As Zanga, Yasusuke dons ornate white armor with gold, silver and blue accents and wields a large scimitar. Unlike other Makai Knights, who draw one or two separate circles with their blades to summon their armor, Yasusuke traces an infinity symbol. He is able to "walk on air" by stepping off magical ripples he forms under his feet.


After a Rudra-possessed Seimei kills Yasusuke's brother, he quickly uses the Orb infused with Madō Fire that Inari gave him to avenge his brother. Drawing his blade across the orb allows the Zanga armor to be engulfed in a light blue fiery aura, increasing his strength such that he can break one of the possessed Seimei's dark magic circles.

Zanga Blazing Armament



  • Yasusuke is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, who also worked in the previous Garo Animation season, most notably Leon Luis.