Gai (牙射(ガイ), lit. "Shooting Fang") is a Makai Armor worn by Aguri Kusugami in Garo ~ Yami o Terasu Mono ~.




A silver armor with a blue tinge, it features a helmet with short left ears and long right ears, and uses a light arrow mainly to performing a fight with a bow who have blades at both ends. The color of its Madou Fire used is blue.

Armor Summoning

To summoning this armor, the wearer must swing the bow to make a 8-like figure. Then, two light circles appeared on the left and right of the wearer, the middle part of the circle breaking out and release the armor's parts, which were then attached to the wearer's body.

Other Variation

In the 24th episode, Gai Armor receive the shine of the Garo Armor and glowed temporarily in golden.

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