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GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames (牙狼〈GARO〉-炎の刻印 GARO: Honō no Kokuin?), aka Garo: The Animation in international releases, is an anime within the GARO series made by Studio Mappa, which premiered on October 3, 2014. The anime was written by Yasuko Kobayashi, who previously worked on Attack on Titan and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and directed by Yuichiro Hayashi. A second anime was announced titled Crimson Moon, which has an unrelated story, continuing the anthology-like tone of the live action series. [1] The show is now available for purchase on iTunes, with Funimation publishing DVD and Bluray video release on April 26, 2016 with a full English dub.[2] This makes it the first entry of the Garo series to be available for purchase in western countries.


Set in Medieval times in the country of Valiante, the Makai Order is under a terrible crisis as they are viewed by the Church as agents of the Devil for their use of magic. To that end, the evil royal adviser Mendoza has convinced the King to hunt and kill all Makai Knights and Priests who set foot in this land. This causes an increase in Horror activity in that area and their numbers infiltrate the country's government. Amidst all this chaos, a young Makai Knight returns to the kingdom, donning the title of the Golden Knight Garo.


Makai Knights[3]

The three main knights of the series, Gaia (left), Garo (center) and Zoro (right).

Garo Leon LuisAlfonso San ValianteLeon Luis
Zoro Germán Luis
Gaia Rafael BanderasAlfonso San Valiante
Zex Bernardo Dion


Villains & Horrors

Supporting Characters


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Season 1

  1. Chapter 1: Hellfire
  2. Chapter 2: Divine Flame
  3. Chapter 3: Zaruba
  4. Chapter 4: Bloodville
  5. Chapter 5: Gaia
  6. Chapter 6: Black Knight
  7. Chapter 7: Sorrow Beast
  8. Chapter 8: Full Monty
  9. Chapter 9: New Hope
  10. Chapter 10: Fallen Blood
  11. Chapter 11: Shadow Slasher
  12. Chapter 12: Blood Moon
  13. Episode SP: Daybreak
  14. Chapter 13: Burning Ashes
  15. Chapter 14: Geste
  16. Chapter 15: Project G
  17. Chapter 16: Cure
  18. Chapter 17: Snow Fall
  19. Chapter 18: Scar Flame
  20. Chapter 19: Tempest
  21. Chapter 20:  Double Dealer
  22. Chapter 21:  Knights
  23. Chapter 22:  Deadly Focus
  24. Chapter 23:  Doom
  25. Chapter 24:  Chiastolite
  26. Chapter 25: Home

Season 2

See Garo: The Crimson Moon

Unlike most animes, the Garo anime follows the separate continuity format of some of its live action counterparts. The next season will be set in the Heian Period and feature the franchise's first female protagonist.

Film: Garo: Divine Flame

Theme Songs

Opening themes

  • Honō no Kokuin -DIVINE FLAME- (炎ノ刻印 -DIVINE FLAME-)
    • Episodes: 1 - 12
    • Lyrics: Masami Okui
    • Composer: Hiroshi Kitadani
    • Arranger: Kenichi Sudō
    • Artist: JAM Project
  • "B.B."
    • Episodes: 14 - 25
    • Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama 
    • Composer: Yoshiki Fukuyama, Hironobu Kageyama
    • Arranger: Miyake Hirofumi, Kenichi Sudo
    • Artist: JAM Project

Ending themes

    • Episodes: 1 - 12
    • Lyrics: Sayaka Sasaki
    • Composer: Takaha Tachibana
    • Arranger: Takaha Tachibana, Yōsei Teikoku
    • Artist: Sayaka Sasaki
  • "FOCUS"
    • Episodes: 14 - 25
    • Lyrics, Singer: Showtaro Morikubo
    • Composer, Arranger: R.O.N.


On October 3, 2014, Funimation announced that it had acquired the rights to simulcast the anime.[4] During a promotional event in Tokyo on November 23, 2014, the production staff at Mappa announced a second season was in development in 2015 as part of a celebration of the Garo franchise's 10th anniversary.[5]

Concept art of the anime at the Anime Tokyo 2014 convention


  • Creator: Keita Amemiya
    • Director: Yuichiro Hayashi
    • Screenplay writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
    • Writers: Kiyoko Yoshimura, Sadayuki Murai, Koji Seko, Shigeru Murakoshi, Tooru Kubo
    • Original Character Design: Hiroyuki Takei
    • Animation and Character Design: Noriyuki Kanno
    • Art Director: Kazuyuki Hashimoto
    • Director of Photography: Yusuke Tannowa
    • CGI Director: Makoto Kanemoto
    • Music:MONACA
    • Sound Director: Shuichiro Kubo
    • Sound Production: Tohoku Shinsha

English Cast[6]

Video Release


  • Garo is one of the few Tokusatsu franchises to make the leap into an anime series. Most Tokusatsu shows try to avoid going into anime spinoffs due to licensing problems or just general corporate hostility from the creators.
    • A notable example of this is the manga Kamen Rider SpiritsIcon-crosswiki.png, despite many fans wanting it to be an anime, Toei forced the artists and authors to sign a contract not to license it to any animation studio as the Ishinomori estate would not authorize it.


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