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Garo: Makai Senki (牙狼〈GARO〉~MAKAISENKI/魔戒閃騎~ Garō ~Makai Senki~?, lit. "Makai Flash Knight") is the second television series of the Garo franchise, and the sequel to Garo. On August 7, 2018, Section23 films released the series on Blu-Ray in Region 1 areas though their Kraken Releasing label.[1]


Following on from GARO and Garo: Red Requiem Makai Senki follows the continuing adventures of Kouga Saezima as he is promoted to being the Makai Knight to the Senate and how he tries to avoid an untimely demise after being marked by the Seal of Destruction by the series antagonist. Unlike the previous series, several episodes focus solely on Rei.

Subplots to the series concern Kouga's slow-boiling romantic relationship with Kaoru who is trying to get her first picture book published while Kouga tries to keep his seal a secret from her, Rei/Zero having also been marked with the seal and a possible resurgence in his friendly rivalry with Kouga, and the identity of the series antagonist, a red-masked Makai Priest who "seals" Kouga and Rei as part of his effort to destroy all of the Makai Knights and make the Priests dominant again.

Also introduced is the Makai Senate, which heads the Makai order and therefore over-rules the Watchdogs shown in the previous series. The senate includes Grace, a high ranking Makai Priestess and gives out orders in place of the Watchdogs and Kouga's new partner Leo Fudou, a kind hearted Makai Priest and creator of the Gouryu previously seen in the film Red Requiem. Leo is also seen to be troubled by memories of a woman (known as Mio) from his past, whom Kaoru reminds him of.


Makai Knights

Garo Taiga SaezimaKouga Saezima
Zero Rei Suzumura
Baron Wataru Shijima
Lord Leo Fudou
Dan Tsubasa Yamagatana




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  1. Spark
  2. Street Light
  3. Wheels
  4. Trump Card
  5. Naraka
  6. Letter
  7. Flash
  8. Demon Sword
  9. Makeup
  10. Secret
  11. Howl
  12. Fruit
  13. Enduring Water
  14. Reunion
  15. Brethren
  16. Mask
  17. Red Brush
  18. Herd
  19. Paradise
  20. Train
  21. Stronghold
  22. Sworn Friends
  23. Golden
  24. Era
  25. Garo Special My Name is Garo: The History of Kouga Saezima's Battles


Theme Songs

Opening themes
  1. "GARO -MAKAI SENKI- with JAM Project"
  2. "Waga Na wa Garo" (我が名は牙狼? "My Name Is Garo")[2]
Ending themes
  1. "Predestination"
  2. "PROMISE ~Without you~"[2]


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