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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This TV series contains scenes of blood, bloodshed, & murder. Viewer discretion is advised!

GARO: VERSUS ROAD is the official seventh season of the Garo TV Series and the thirteenth television series overall in the franchise, broadcast on independent stations such as Tokyo MX from April 2020.

It was created as a 15th anniversary work of the GARO Series, in which numerous works are produced and developed in various media and expression styles such as live-action dramas, animations, and theatrical performances.

The catchphrase is "Who will win the new chapter of GARO?".


As a live-action TV drama of the GARO series, it is the second work after Kami no Kiba: JINGA, which was produced and broadcast in 2018, and Keita Amemiya, the general director of the series, continues to be the original one. The world view is renewed from the previous series[2].

Basic settings such as "Makai Knight" and "Madou Tool", which have been inherited in all works up to JINGA, hardly appeared until the latter half of the story, and there are many modern settings such as "VR", "Death Game", and "Net Video Distribution".


The plot centers around a man named Sena Kuon and a virtual reality world that seems to somehow affect the real world. Together with 99 other players, Sena must compete in order to win the VR game's prize: The Golden Armor Garo.


100 people of different ages, positions and ways of life have awakened in the world of the online game GARO: VERSUS ROAD (Garo - Bāsasu Rōdo). The game navigator, Shuka, explains to them, "Clear various stages and keep winning, get everything you want and the strongest title, Golden Knight Garo.

People who initially thought it was just a game, when they witnessed a person who was hunted by an "enemy", Horror, and lost their lives, eventually revealed their true nature in order to clear the game and survive, fighting for betrayal and plots. It fits and disappears one by one.

A man who sits and watches over the scene murmured, "Fill Garo with your Inga".


Main Players (Knights)

Garo  Sena Kuon

Other Players (Knights)


Veil  Shousetsu Hagiri


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  1. New Game
  2. Save
  3. Item
  4. Freeze
  5. Bug
  6. Game over
  7. Friend
  8. Counter
  9. Prologue
  10. Encount
  11. Last Stage
  12. Versus Road (episode)

Video Release

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  • Tying in with the virtual game theme, all the episodes are named after concepts and terminology in video games that relate to each episode's plot.

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