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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This TV series contains scenes of blood, bloodshed, & murder. Viewer discretion is advised!

Garo: Versus Road is the official seventh season of the Garo TV Series and the thirteenth television series overall in the franchise.

The series commemorates the 15th anniversary of Garo franchise.


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The plot centers around a man named Sena Kuon and a virtual reality world that seems to somehow affect the real world. Together with 99 other players, Sena must compete in order to win the VR game's prize: The Golden Armor Garo.



Garo  Sena Kuon
Veil  Shousetsu Hagiri

VR Players



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  1. New Game
  2. Save
  3. Item
  4. Freeze
  5. Bug
  6. Game over
  7. Friend
  8. Counter
  9. Prologue
  10. Encount
  11. Last Stage
  12. Versus Road (episode)

Video Release

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  • Tying in with the virtual game theme, all the episodes are named after concepts and terminology in video games that relate to each episode's plot.

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