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Icon-garo.png This article is about a/an series entry (the 3rd) in the Garo Project series.

Garo: The One Who Shines in the Darkness (牙狼〈GARO〉~闇を照らす者~, Garō ~ Yami o Terasu Mono ~?) is the third season of the Garo series. Written and directed by Makoto Yokoyama, Yami o Terasu Mono is the third television series in the Garo franchise, set years in the future of the previous installments and featuring a new main cast of characters.[1] The catchphrase for the series, referred to as the Vol City Chapter (ボルシティ篇, Boru Shiti-Hen?), is "Get back your gold." (金色を、取り戻せ。, Konjiki o, Torimodose.?).


Yami o Terasu Mono takes place at some undetermined point in the future in Vol City (ボルシティ, Boru Shiti?), a metropolis build around a volcano and infested by evil demons known as Horrors. Ryuga Dougai, a Makai Knight who has inherited the title of Garo the Golden Knight, is tasked to hunt them down. However, the Garo Armor had long lost its golden radiance and it's not as powerful as it used to be. Joining forces with fellow Makai Knights Aguri and Takeru, along Makai Priests Burai and Rian, Ryuga confronts the dark side of the city that is plagued by a rare breed of Horrors called Madō Horrors (魔導ホラー, Madō Horā?), and the mystery behind why a portion of the Garo Armor's golden light is restored every time he destroys one of them.[2]


Makai Knights

Garo Ryuga Dougai
Zen Takeru Jakuzure
Gai Aguri Kusugami



  • Kaneshiro Tousei
    • Madou Horrors
      • Sonshi
      • Enhou
      • Rivera
      • Masahiko Washizu
      • Yutaka Tsumasaki
      • Hideyuki Shiranami

Inga Horrors


Main article: List of Garo ~ Yami o Terasu Mono ~ Episodes
  1. Ryuga
  2. Gold Wave
  3. Dungeon
  4. Dream
  5. Nightmare
  6. Rock
  7. Dining
  8. Scoop
  9. Sonshi
  10. Promise
  11. Desire
  12. Trap
  13. Hunting
  14. Hyena
  15. Hint
  16. Lost
  17. Tousei
  18. War
  19. Hope
  20. Mother
  21. Justice
  22. Master
  23. Gold
  24. Future
  25. Beginning


Theme Songs

Opening theme
  • "Theme of Yami o Terasu Mono" (THEME OF 闇を照らす者?)
    • Composition: Yoshichika Kuriyama, Shiho Terada
    • Episodes: 1-12, 24
  • "Isshokusokuhatsu ~Trigger of Crisis~" (一触即発 ~Trigger of Crisis~?)
  • In episode 24, it is used as the ending theme.
Ending theme
  • "So Long"
    • Composition: Yūji Toriyama
    • Lyrics & Artist: Kohei Otomo
    • Episodes: 1-12, 22
    • Lyrics & Composition: Masami Okui
    • Arrangement: Yoshichika Kuriyama, Shiho Terada
    • Artist: JAM Project featuring Masami Okui
    • Episodes: 13-21, 23
  • "Brave Heart"
    • Composition: Yūji Toriyama
    • Lyrics & Artist: Kohei Otomo
    • Episodes: 25

JAM Project, performer on the theme songs for all previous entries in the franchise, will also perform the series theme songs.[3] Kageyama, a member of the cast and JAM Project, says that the song he has written has already put him in tears in how much it has moved him.[4]

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