Garo is a powerful golden Makai Armor, worn by Makai Knights.

Any Knight given the title of Garo is considered a high honor in The Makai Order, as the armor has cut down many Horrors and has had many wielders who are legendary in thier heroic deeds. Its name in the old Makai language translates to "hope".


The Garo armor is gold with black markings on the chestplate and forehead of the helmet, with silver accents on parts of the armor and a red triangle buckle in the midsection of the waist. Sometimes, it is seen with a black cape that has gold markings on it.

During the time of The One Who Shines in the Darkness, the armor had lost a great deal of its power and a majority of it was tainted jet black due to a battle long before the events of the series, its previous wearer exhausting its power to defeat an incredibly strong Horror. After the climax of the series, the armor regained its golden shine.

One notable aspect of the armor is that its "eyes" seem to change color with each wearer, it is not explained why this is, but is most likely to differentiate each bearer of the armor.

(Gouki's were silver, Leon's were red with yellow pupils, Taiga's eyes were blood red, Kouga's were bright green, Raiga's & Raikou's were light blue (Due to both of them sharing the same voice actor), Ryuga's were orange, and Sword's were red.)






The Garo Armor possesses such tremendous strength that it can slay even the most powerful of Horrors. It can also augment its power with mystical items or energies to change its form and enhance its power temporarily. Like most Makai Armors, it has a 99.9 second time limit (Though for some reason, there are instances where this detail is ignored or forgotten about.) The Garo armor can sometimes emit intense heat from the radiance it gives off, making the ground it treads on burn and some projectile attacks rendered ineffective by blocking them. Once augmented with the green Madou Fire of the Madou Lighter, the armor goes into Blazing Armament and its attacks become stronger .


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