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Garo is a tokusatsu television series which aired in 2005. This first season is alternatively called The Chapter of The Black Wolf. This series is considered by tokusatsu fans as the first serious attempt at making a tokusatsu TV series geared towards adults. This series and its success has spawned numerous sequels since 2007 and has continued into the present.

In July of 2016, the series was re-broadcast with digitally re-mastered effects in HD as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of the franchise.

On October 8th, at the 2016 Monsterama convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Section 23 Films division Kraken announced they had acquired the rights to the first season of Garo. Volume 1 will consist of the first 13 episodes and be released on October 17, 2017 in the US and Canada on Blu-Ray.[1][2] On August 22, 2017, Section 23 films announced that the second volume would be released on December 12, 2017[3]


Makai Knights

Garo Taiga SaejimaKouga Saejima
Zero Rei Suzumura



Kiba Barago



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  1. Picture Book
  2. Yin Self
  3. Clock
  4. Dinner
  5. Moonlight
  6. Beauty
  7. Silver Fang
  8. Ring
  9. Ordeal
  10. Puppet
  11. Game
  12. Taiga
  13. Promise
  14. Nightmare
  15. Statue
  16. Red Sake
  17. Fish Tank
  18. World Charm
  19. Black Flame
  20. Life
  21. Magic Bullet
  22. Engraving
  23. Heart Destruction
  24. Little Girl
  25. Spirits of Heroes
  26. Garo Side Story: Smile


Suit Actors

Theme Songs

  • "Theme of GARO" by TRYFORCE

Episodes 1-13

Episodes 14-25

  • "GARO ~I'll Keep Showing You My Love~" by Kyōmoto Masaki
  • "I Shouldn't Still Be Loving" by Kyōmoto Masaki
  • "GARO ~I'll Keep Showing You My Love~" by GARO Project
  • "I Shouldn't Still Be Loving" by GARO Project
  • "Under the Aurora" by GARO Project (Beast of the White Night special)
  • "Fencer of GOLD" by JAM Project (released in a single along with "Savior in the Dark")
  • "Red Rose" by GARO Project (released in a single along with "Under the Aurora")



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