Final Wolf Fantasy
Garo x Final Fantasy XIV is a crossover project between Garo Project and Square Enix.[1] [2] The project involves a DLC Expansion event to the game Final Fantasy XIV that would allow players to gain the ability to summon Makai Armors, use Madou Horses or become Makai Priests and Priestesss. The event arrived on the game's Japanese servers on January 17th, 2017 and was released worldwide just hours later as part of the Version 3.5 patch.


Makai Priestess in FF XIV

A Makai Priestess NPC gets players started down their road to becoming a Makai Knight or Priest.

Upon reaching level 30, players can access a special player vs. player mode by talking to a Makai Priestess in Wolves Den Pier and purchasing armor parts. The player must grind to Level 50 or 60 in order to be able to achieve the criteria of the missions without difficulty. [3] [4]

Video Gallery

GARO x FFXIV Collaboration Trailer

GARO x FFXIV Collaboration Trailer



  • In order to get the Madou Horses such as Gouten, players must get a perfect 100 kill count. This is a reference to how in the Garo franchise, Makai Knights must kill 100 Horrors and face a trial to be deemed worthy of a obtaining a steed.


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