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Gina is a Makai Priestess who serves Sword in Garo: Vanishing Line.

Character History

Her past is unknown, but in her first appearance in the anime she works as an agent. She spies on a rich man and completes this mission with Sword's help. After this mission, she is Sword's partner and helps him to kill horror and solve the mystery of 'El Dorado'. They grow even closer together and it becomes clear that she likes Sword. After further episodes, she becomes a surrogate mother for Sophie and Sword the surrogate father. Through this connection, you perceive her as a family and her romantic feelings for Sword grow. In the last episode she kisses Sword and asks him to pay her back the kiss after the mission. After defeating El Dorado, Luke tries to erase Sophie's memories so she can live freely. One year after the events, Sophie remembers the time with her, Sword and Luke and confesses to her in the 'Diner' that she wants to work with them and save Sword. Gina agrees and tells her that Sword is still alive and well. At the last moment, when she wants to pay the food and wants to leave the 'Diner' with Sophie, Sophie sees Sword come out of the bathroom. Sophie is speechless. According to the ending, one can speculate that Gina is Sword's new girlfriend, but that's unknown.


Gina is a strong willing woman. She's strong, intelligent and sexy. She has great fighting skills with guns and her car and uses magic spells to destroy or kill enemies. In the first episodes she shows a friendly and cool side to Sword and they know each other a very long time. In one mission (Episode 5) she's Sword's wife and Sophie's mother. She likes to work with Sword. Gina shows motherly feelings for Sophie and is like her 'adoptive mother'. Her relationship with Sword begin to grow and Sophie asked her, if she has a crush on someone. She answered that she's (Sophie) is too young to know that. After her answer she watches to the bathroom door where Sword stands. She knows that Sword is like a father to Sophie and they act like a family. Gina's romantic feelings for Sword are shown in one of the last episodes (Episode 22). She kisses Sword and tells him that he must repay her the kiss. That is the moment where Sophie understands Gina's feelings for Sword. In the last episode she's a big friend and a mother figure for Sophie and it's unknown if she's Sword girlfriend, but she has a very close relationship to Sword. In the very last moment of the anime it's shown that she ate together with Sword in the 'DINER'.


  • A car with Makai Priestess decoration.
  • magic sniper
  • magic guns
  • potions
  • machine gun



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Behind the Scenes

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Sword (friend/love interest/possible lover) Sophie (friend/'daughter') Luke (friend) Alchemists (friends)

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