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Golden Knight Garo is a 3D fighting video game made by Bandai Entertainment released on April 20, 2006


The game is a 3D fighting game with an arena-like field of play but has areas in the Story modes where the player can battle waves of enemies in a room before advancing to a Boss fight.


Joystick: Movement

Weak Attack

× Attack


□□□ × △ Combo Attack

Gameplay Modes

  • Garo Mode: Play the game as Kouga/Garo in a story mode that mirrors major events of the first TV series. This is the only mode available when the game is first played and how you unlock characters.
  • Kiba Mode: Play the game in a story mode as Kiba, the villain of the first series.
  • Versus Mode: A standard Player vs. Player or Player vs. Computer mode.
  • 500 Year Calamity Mode: A survival gameplay mode that recreates the battle from Episode 14, the Player must battle waves of Horrors and can ride Gouten in this mode. Points are accumulated by the number of combos that are acheived.



  • The game would make a cameo appearance in the TV series as an arcade game in the episode New Game.

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