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Gouki (ゴウキ Gōki) is a Makai Knight and one of the wearers of the Garo Armor, which is appears in Kaoru's tales.

Fictional Character Biography

Gouki is a young man with a strong body and a gentle heart. In addition to conversing in meditation with the loved nature, he didn't hurt small flowers even for Horror suppression, but he may endanger himself because of his tenderness.

Ren saves his wounds, and lives with them until the wounds heal.


Gouki wear the golden armor Garo (ガロ), also called as Golden Knight - Garo (黄金騎士・牙狼 Ōgon Kishi - Garo), is said to be the highest rank of a Makai Knights. His eye color is white. His Garo Armor then get enhanced into Heavenly Garo (天翔牙狼 Tenshō Garo) form, after that three siblings gathered and gives the magic stones to him. Besides flying with the wings on his head, he fights using the technique of Tanahashi as Gouki. After the diving attack from his high fly flow technique, a huge Garo Sword-like light appeared.


  • As human, he uses a Black Madou Sword (黒い魔戒剣 Kuroi Madō Ken) that is larger and longer than Kouga's Madou Sword.



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Behind the Scenes

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