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Heart Destruction is the twenty third episode of Garo. It features the appearance of Garo's Lost Soul Beast form and the final appearance of Kodama in the storyline.


The Eastern Watchdogs join with Barago to prepare for the coming of Messiah, merging into GLUM. Despite Kouga's best efforts to protect Kaoru, Barago kidnaps her. The two knights try to rescue her but are stopped by Kodama. Kouga becomes fueled by rage and hatred, determined to get Kaoru back by using the power of darkness, resulting in him losing control of his armor and becoming a Lost Soul Beast.

Plot Summary

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Home Video Release

  • Garo Vol. 2 Blu-Ray disc set

    Garo Season 1 Vol. 2 featured episodes 14-25 on two discs, with English subtitles by Kraken Releasing.


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