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Kami no Kiba: Jinga (神ノ牙 -JINGA-, lit. Fang of God: Jinga?) is the third spin-off TV series from the Garo Franchise, and a sequel to film Garo: Fang of God. The series focuses on the story of Jinga Mikage, a Makai Knight who was reincarnated from the Horror, portrayed by Masahiro Inoue.


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"Once the most evil being in mankind, he took on the Messiah, source of all horrors that plagued the Earth, but was defeated. For a long time, his soul floated without aim in the darkness, but he was finally reborn as the one thing he hated the most: Light.

Of his past, he knows nothing, but he will know hope, and despair..."

The series' story follows Jinga Mikage, a Makai Knight whose tragic past continues to haunt him, even as a protector. After an unusual encounter with a Horror that left a scar in his right hand, he mysteriously gains an ability that is unprecedented in the long history of the Makai Order: destroying a Horror without killing its host. Using this newfound power, Jinga finds a new purpose and aims to save humanity by exorcising Horrors from their hosts. Going along with this theme, the series is also unique as it gives character development and deeper backstories to the victims possessed by the Horrors, as well as the people around them.



Rose Mizuto MikageJinga Mikage
  • Rozan



Supporting Characters

  • Youyuu
  • Kerus
  • Shijou


0. Jinga/Jinga

  1. Destruction/Rebirth
  2. Despair/Hope
  3. Determination/Ill-Intention
  4. Doubt/Awakening
  5. Stupor/Teaching
  6. Front/Back
  7. Bond/Separation
  8. Blind Faith/Skeptical Doubt
  9. No Beginning/No End
  10. Self-Conceit/Predicament
  11. Fictitious Justice/Truthful Reality
  12. Destruction/Creation


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