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Karma is one of the Apostle Horrors and the main villain of the film, Garo: Red Requiem.

Character History

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Karma is a Horror who possesses mirrors rather than humans, making her a very deadly foe as she can enter any mirror to consume humans. She consumes Humans by tricking them into entering her world and offering to grant them their heart's desire. She also has the ability to absorb objects into her mirrors and trap them there, a notable example being the Garo armor itself when Kouga tried to summon it.

This particular ability lead to the deaths of many Makai Knights and Priests who tried to face her. She cannot be destroyed by conventional means, as if the mirror she inhabits is destroyed, she simply finds another one to reside in. The only way to destroy her was if a person commits suicide in front of the mirror and their soul enters her realm or use a Demon Sword of Rubis to open a portal.

In her true Horror form, Karma becomes a gigantic nude woman with no limbs and has a crown on her head made of glass. She can summon metallic glass-like shards that can change into different shapes and weapons, be fired as projectiles, and act as her limbs. In this form, she can fly by creating wing constructs, giving her the appearance of a harpy.



Karma was portrayed by actor Saori Hara, and was voiced by Mika Hijii.

Behind the Scenes

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