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Leon Luis is the main protagonist of the anime series Garo: Honoo no Kokuin. He is a bearer of the armor and title of Garo. He is also the cousin of Alfonso San Valiante, the Prince of the Valiante Kingdom through his aunt, Queen Esmeralda; Anna Luis's younger sister.

Character History

Leon was born from his mother while she was being burned alive when his father, the makai knight came in taking him out of the scene and raising him. Leon worked on swordsmanship with his father growing up. He had been having nightmares about his mother being burned and gets flames on his right arm that show when seems to be emotional, mad, and offended.

Garo The Golden Knight

Leon Luis inherited the Garo armor from his mother, as she was part of the Golden Knight bloodline from her father and Leon's Grandfather. One striking difference of the armor from previously seen users aside from having red eyes with yellow pupils, is the red twin scarves attached to the back of the armor with gold rings on the end. These scarves can extend to grapple opponents or latch on to objects to propel Garo through the air.

Through a contact with Zaruba, Leon will give up one entire day of his life every new moon to the Madou Ring to feed him in exchange for his guidance and power. This leaves Leon weakened and unconscious, unable to summon Garo for the entire time it takes place.



Leon acts stubborn, easily gets mad and angered, and is always with a scrawl as his expression. Leon is a serious individual who has personal demons. He seems to have a longing to know more about his mother, Anna, due to not having a mother figure growing up. The trauma of seeing her dying when he was born by burning at the stake is still firmly ingrained in his mind, which manifests as painful burn marks on the right side of his face and arm and as flames and burning cracks on the Garo armor.

Leon's burn markings emerging during a nightmare about his mother burning.

In rare cases, this trauma reacts with the Soul Metal of his armor and causes the Garo armor to go berserk, forcing his father to intervene. It isn't until he obtains Zaruba that he is able to fight at his full potential.

He appears to be resentful of his father German, as he sees him as a lecherous fool who didn't love Anna and who constantly walks out on him. He also will get into fights with him and beats him up for his womanizing. Despite this resentment, Leon does seem to have some level of love and respect for his father. As he sees that while he is a fool, German never lies and can be dependable when the situation calls for it.



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Behind the Scenes

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