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This article is about a/an Horror in Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Luciano Guzman is a Makai Priest who was the husband of Ema Guzmán prior to becoming the host of a Horror.


Lucano is a tall man with a pale complexion, a large, black afro, black eyes, and a long, thick, black cloak which he's always seen wearing.



In the past, Luciano wanted to learn a means to save humans who became the hosts of Inga Horrors. This unfortunately resulted with him suffering the same fate as the Horror took control of his host and used him to slaughter Makai Knights and innocents alike for years. Emma, having tracked Luciano, manages to kill the Horror possessing her husband so he can rest in peace.


In Horror form, Luciano is raven-like in appearance with the ability to transform into a high-speed aircraft-like form armed with guns and missiles.


  • He's the only horror seen so far in the series who has had a personal connection with one of the main characters in the past.  
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