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A Madou Lighter is a special tool that Makai Knights and Priests carry with them.


Kaoru is checked to see if she is a Horror.

The Madou Lighter is used to detect Horrors with its flames, usually by holding the flame close to a persons eyes. If their eyes are clear, then the person in question is not possessed. If they turn green and have black distortions while the flame is lit, then the person is a Inga Horror.

The Madou Lighter detects the Horror Cigarein inside its host.

Madou Horrors cannot be detected by this method, due to them being born from Horror Seeds that are inserted into a person's body and possessing the bodies of their victims, effectively becoming the human they inhabit and making detection near impossible by conventional means.

Aside from detecting Horrors, its Madou Fire can be used to augment a Knight's power for the Blazing Armament mode or to enhance their weapon attacks. They are also used to heal a Makai Knight of their wounds after consuming the Reverter Potion and to open Orders Documents and reveal their contents, as the documents have a special magic ink that can only be read when burned by Madou Flames.

Makai Preists have their own version of the Madou Lighter that they use in conjunction with their Madou Brushes, they can use them to heal the wounded without the need of a Reverter potion, as well as potential for combat purposes. However, by the time of Makai no Hana, some priests can generate Madou Fire on their own using magic and use their Brushes to detect Horrors. If they do not have a Lighter on hand, they use special matches that create a Madou Flame as a backup.

Madou Lamps

Before cigarette lighters became common place in the modern world, Madou Lighters were originally bottle shaped oil lamps that Priests and Knights carried with them. Aside from the standard means of usage for healing and strengthening attacks, the lamps could emit flames in a concentrated stream at a target in a manner not unlike a modern flamethrower. It is presumed Madou Lamps were abandoned from standard use when Madou Lighters became more common, as the lighters were smaller and less conspicuous to the average human or Horror.