Makai Priests (魔戒法師, Makai Hōshi) are practitioners of magic and serve as assistants for the Makai Knights in their un-ending war against Horrors.

Description & Characteristics

Makai Priests (or priestesses) are based on the fantastic mythical aspects of Taoist Priests, a Daoshi. The priests are trained to utilize a combination of mysticism, magic, elemental manipulation, martial arts, alchemy, necromancy, healing and summoning techniques to help them battle against the forces of darkness; they were the original defenders against Horrors long before the creation of the Makai Knights. However, the priests' roles had evolved into support units for the knights.

They create anti-Horror devices, spells, enchantments, and weapons to support the Makai Knights. In addition, they possess a vast knowledge of spells and purification techniques. They have seals/talisman scrolls for spells, a brush to perform seals, madougus, and have prefabricated devices used to defend or attack.

In humanity's darkest moments, it was the Makai Priests that stood as the light against the Horrors. However, despite all their abilities, they were only strong enough to destroy weak Horrors and slowed their advancements. Ultimately, they resolved the problem by creating the Makai Knights corps and their campaign became a success; since the deployment of the Makai Knights, the priests served as a more supportive role to the knights.

As back-up, the priests provided madogus, like Zaruba and Silva, to advise and detect Horrors for the knights. They also designed spiritual sensors that detect dark energies to help warn and prepare both the knights and the order of impending danger(s). When a knight have complications in defeating a Horror, it is often a priest that provides a solution to help defeat the Horror(s). Most recently, the priests have the Gouryuu in their possession. With the new addition to their arsenal, the priests now have the ability to take an offensive role against the Horrors.


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