The Makai Senate

The Makai Senate

The Makai Senate is a government building where high ranking officials of the Makai Order conduct diplomacy and give assignments and instructions to Makai Knights. Officials of the Senate outrank regular Watchdogs in terms of authority. It is also home of the Demon Beast Gajari and a place where Makai Priests develop new tools and weapons for Makai Knights to use.

In addition to this, it is serves as a gathering place for Makai Knights and Priests from all districts and regions.

Officials of the Senate

  • Grace- High Priestess of the Senate
  • Reo Fudou- Makai Priest and a Makai tools and weapons developer for the Order, also secretly the Makai Knight Lord
  • Kouga Saezima- Appointed Senatorial Knight, The Golden Knight Garo
  • Wataru Shijima - Senatorial Knight and Makai Knight trainee Instructor, also known as the Thunder Knight, Baron.
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