This article is about a/an Horror in Garo.
Season: Garo
First Appearance: Clock
Last Appearance: Clock
Episode: Clock
Number of Appearances: 1 (Garo)
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Morax is a clock themed Horror who appeared in Garo.


Character History

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Modus and Arsenal

Morax was a timepiece themed Horror, thus he used clocks and wristwatches as Gates to teleport from victim to victim, painfully sucking the life out of them by latching on to them until they turn to dust. He also liked to possess his victims to use them as a shield if Makai Knights tried to pursue him. In his final form in the clock tower, his face possessed the clock and he manipulated its inner mechanisms to create bladed pendulum and gear sawbladed "arms" to attack Kouga.



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Behind the Scenes

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