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New Game is the first episode of Garo: Versus Road. It also introduces several of the VR Players, as well as the World of Garo: Versus Road.


A college student who lives a casual life and his gamer friend stumble across a fabled VR game that arrives at their homes. When the VR glasses were activated, it turned into a huge game field, where 100 players were gathered. A guide appears and tells them the VR game is a death game where the last surviving player will be granted a wish and bestowed a magic armor called Garo as a prize.....

Plot Summary

A young man named Sena Kuon gets transported into a virtual space, where 99 other people gather. The men then see the Garo Armor appear, as a woman named Shuka welcomes them to the world of Garo: Versus Road. Shuka informs the 100 players of their goal: to become the ultimate Knight that can summon the golden armor. When some of the players complain about the game, Shuka then promises them that the winner will be granted anything they desire, which revs up the crowd.

Shuka then summons two reprogrammed Horrors and tells the players their first challenge: survive until there are only 50 players remaining. She starts the game and immediately, the Horrors activate and devour players. As the rest of the men panic and run out to the nearby woods, Sena sees his friend Hoshiai run off and chases after him.

In a flashback 10 hours prior, Hoshiai plays and defeats a gangster named Jun in a local arcade game. Jun punches his girlfriend in frustration and then harasses Hoshiai to pay for her lost wages as a result of the assault. Sena arrives and tries to defend Hoshiai, but after Jun keeps on attacking him, Sena loses his patience and fights back, submitting the gangster who runs off. The two then go to a cafe where Hoshiai tells Sena about a rumored VR game that grants a person's wish when they complete it. Sena returns home and sees a VR box appear on a table. He opens it and puts on the VR glasses, transporting him to the game.

Back to the present, each of the players find their own means of surviving the first round, while some yakuza players come across weapons lying around. Sena then stumbles on a safe space where the Horrors cannot enter. After the Horror leaves, Sena sets out to find his friend again.

Meanwhile, Hoshiai runs off from the Horrors and encounters Jun in the game. Jun tries to beat up Hoshiai but the latter is able to fight him off, realizing that he's stronger in this world. Hoshiai then tries to fight Jun but the gangster stabs him in the leg with an awl. Jun tries to finish him off but Sena arrives and stops him. He tells Jun to stop, but the gangster continues to attack, injuring him. Sena once again loses his cool and starts fighting Jun and defeats him, eliminating him from the game. He then helps Hoshiai go to the safe space.

As the two limp off, they see a group of players gather in a location. When one of the players shout that he will be the game's hero, he is suddenly killed by the yakuza, who proceeds to murder the rest until there are 50 left. Horrified at what's happening, Sena and Hoshiai try to escape, while another navigator named Azami watches the events unfold.


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  • Garo game in a show about a Game for Garo
    At the arcade in the flashback, the cabinet game that Jun the yakuza gangster and Hoshiai were playing was the 2006 Playstation 2 Garo video game.


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