A red Orders Document

Orders Documents are envelopes with wax seals that contain messages to Makai Knights from higher ranking officials of the Makai Order or Senate. Some documents are invitations to come to a certain place for assignments, others are orders to seek out Horrors the Knights or Priests must eliminate.

Orders Documents can be opened by using a Madou Lighter to burn the envelope, revealing magic glyphs that appear and float in the air until the message is read, then dissolve.

Kouga reading his orders to exterminate a Horror.


So fan in the series, Orders Documents have come in two colors, red and black.

Red Orders Documents are for standard proceedings such as Horror exterminations and invitations.

Black Orders Documents are rarely used by Watchdogs or the Senate, but signify an emergency situation of the utmost urgency, such as a imminent mass outbreak of Horrors. It also contains instructions on what the Knights should do in these situations.

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