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Rekka is a Makai Priestess in the Garo franchise. She made her first appearance in Garo: Red Requiem, before becoming a supporting character in Garo: Makai Senki. Rekka also appears as one of the protagonists of Garo Gaiden: Tougen no Fue, and as a supporting role in Zero: Dragon Blood.

Character History

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Rekka is known for being an impulsive, headstrong, and tomboyish Makai Priestess. Part of her personality comes from resentment over not being able to fulfill her dream of becoming a Makai Knight, due to being female. She even conceals her feminine traits as she thinks that is what prevents her from becoming a protector and makes her weak.

During the events of Red Requiem, she was driven by revenge when the Horror Karma devoured her father and sought to destroy the Horror herself, even though this was reckless and the Horror was far too powerful for her to defeat alone. Eventually, with the help of Kouga, she was able to avenge her father, and finally let go of her vengeance; eventually becoming a trusted ally to the Makai Knight and his friends.

Though most her manly traits seem to not have diminished slightly, she treats most of her allies fairly well, seeing Jabi as an older sister figure and having great respect for her skills as a Priestess, as well as Kouga for being one of her inspirations for becoming a better protector and a woman. Still, her persona makes her seem too look tough and serious as she often chastises other people who do not take their tasks as protectors seriously like Shiguto, and to a lesser extent, Rei. Unlike other Makai Priests, she wears a Duster Mahoui much like a Makai Knight rather than the traditional attire of a Priestess.


  • Madou Brush - Rekka uses her Makai Brush to cast water-based spells. After training with Jabi, she could also utilize lightning based spells in combat. The brush also has a concealed blade weapon inside it which she can detach for combat, she can also use it as a flute to play music.
  • Makai Talismans
  • Makai Dragons - One of Rekka's powerful spells allow her to summon a myriad of Makai Dragons that can attack and disintegrate Horrors effectively. She can also use these summoned fish as a way to help track and detect threats. One of these Makai Dragons is aptly named Kaoru by Zaruba.



Behind the Scenes

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