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Requiem is the first episode of Garo: Makai Retsuden. It stars Mary Matsuyama reprising her role as Makai Priestess Rekka. Masahiro Kuranuki also appears in the episode, reprising his role as Shiguto. Both characters had previously appeared in Garo: Red Requiem and Garo: Makai Senki.


"Protectors. That is what people call of the Makai Knights and Makai Priests. It's supposed to mean Those who protect us from the demon beasts... But is that really all to them?" - Gonza's Introduction

Plot Summary

After a short sparring match with Shiguto, Rekka is approached by an elder man, who is looking for a strong Makai Priest. He introduces himself as Yukihide, a caretaker of the Forest Graves, where the fallen nameless Makai Knights lie. He tells Rekka about a recent Horror attack in the grave-site one night and this event awoke the restless Spirits of the Fallen Knights, eventually leading to the disappearance of his granddaughter Hibana. He then begs Rekka to help rescue his granddaughter. The Makai Priestess accepts the request but shortly asks Yukihide to fall back and stay out of the Forest Graves since the ordeal has become too dangerous for a normal human.

Rekka breaks the barrier blocking the Forest Graves and engages some spirits before finally reaching Hibana, who is tied to a tree. Rekka frees the girl and both attempt to flee as hordes of the nameless Knights' spirits come after them. Rekka tries to reason with the spirits but they continue to attack the two, branding both of them as Horrors. Rekka conjures an illusion of the Golden Knight and uses it to stop the spirits from attacking. This buys the women time to escape but this was short-lived as they found themselves once again outnumbered by the ghosts, who dismisses the illusion as another trick done by Horrors. Just as Rekka is about to be consumed by spirits' negative energy, she sees a vision of her father handing her the red flute. She pulls out the instrument out and plays the melody that calms spirits. The Knights’ spirits disperse, allowing them to finally rest in peace.

Rekka and Hibana make it out of the Forest Graves, with the former remembering that not all battles can be won by fighting or using a strong spell, but by the creations of humans as well, such as the music that she played. Rekka tells Hibana that Yukihide had sent her, but Hibana responds that her grandfather had died a year before and that Hibana has inherited the Forest Graves as its new caretaker. Rekka leaves the next morning, telling Hibana that her grandfather is always protecting her, and promises that she will teach her the song for calming spirits the next time they meet.


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