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Ryousuke Amou was one of the 100 VR players and a secondary character in Garo: Versus Road. He was one of the two final players in the game, though he would be murdered by Shousetsu Hagiri.

Character History

Amou was a former delinquent trying to leave that life behind through his established bar. He was also the friend and rival of Dai Kanata, often goading him to return just so they could take over the underground world from the Yakuza.

When he was summoned to the world of Garo Versus Road, he insisted on working on his own, despite Sena asking him to come with them to the safe space. After traversing through the first round's forest and encountering Ren Hyuuga, Amou reaches an open area, where he'd be confronted by the same Yakuza who were acquainted with him and Kanata, eventually surrounding him with players that they hired in-game. When Kanata arrives to even the odds, the two fight-off and defeat all the players, before proceeding to murder the Yakuza in the game; his action prompted the counter to reach 50 and clear the round. Shortly before the second round, Kanata visits him, wagering that if Amou loses in the game, he'll join Kanata's group in dealing with the Yakuza in the real world.

During the second round, he and Kanata once again meet in-game, before separating and fighting off the rest of the players as they go through the area, eventually getting a key and making it to the exit.

In the third round, Amou once again enters the game with Kanata. Even after learning that losing the game meant death, he wasn't intimidated nor concerned, even challenging a Horror to a fight, though he would be overpowered by it. Afterward, when Nagusuke proposes that the remaining players team up in the fourth round, Amou refuses, showing his resolve that they either clear the game or just die.

In the fourth round, Amou finally confronts Hyuuga in battle and despite teaming with Kanata, he is still outmatched by the killer, though he would block his attack save Sena, saying that he shouldn't die yet in the game. After Kanata takes the Maken to defeat Hyuuga and subsequently gets turned into an Undead thrall, Amou picks up the blade and kills Kanata, the latter thanking him afterward.

As the final round drew near, Amou is visited by Sena again, with both confirming their conviction to finish the game and win. During the final fight, he first confronts Kozuki Takane, who he manages to overpower and eliminate in the game. Afterward, he finally confronts Sena, losing to him in a sword fight, though Sena refuses to cut him down. This prompts Shousetsu Hagiri to confront the two, beating down both players and forcing Sena to watch as he slits Amou's throat.


Amou was a straight-forward and no-nonsense type of person, confident in his abilities and a willing competitor in the Versus Road game. He was never seen intimidated nor shaken with the game's nature of killing people and at times even goes along with what the missions are asking him to do, though he does it in his own terms. His convictions stem from a simple reason of never backing down from a challenge and giving it all, regardless of the consequences that could happen afterward.

Despite acting cold and emotionless, he has actually grown to respect Sena, even going so far as to protect him from an attack, saying that it was not yet his place to die. After the final round, he urges Sena to continue fighting, before being killed by Haigiri.

Skills and Abilities

Amou was a strong and experienced fighter in the game, having fought numerous times in the real world as a part of the underground world with Kanata. He can fight off numerous foes simultaneously and emerge victorious with only minor injuries, either in real life or in the game. In battle, he used a mix of streetfighting, grappling, and wrestling moves, often defeating his enemies with a german suplex to the ground. He was also very tough, able to wear off a kick to the groin from Kanata (though he still staggers) and shrug off hits from blunt weapons. He was also able to take a slash from Hyuuga's knife, gravely injuring him, and still continue fighting afterward.


  • Item - Like the other players in the second round, Amou was given a crystal item that he can use as a weapon in the game. His weapons of choice are a pair of metallic gauntlets on his hands.
  • Maken - In the fourth round, he takes a hold of the cursed Maken Blade and uses it to kill a possessed Kanata. He is the only other person, aside from Sena, to use the sword without turning into an Undead Thrall.



  • Ryousuke Amou is portrayed by Yuhi, a member of the J-Pop group BOYS AND MEN.

Behind the Scenes

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