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This article is about a/an episode in Garo: Versus Road.

Save is the second episode of Garo: Versus Road


The first challenge of Garo Versus Road has begun, with 100 players trying to survive against the demonic beast Horrors. As they struggle to clear the game, the players start to kill each other as a means to be a part of the 50 who goes through the second round.

Plot Summary

10 hours prior, Azami observes a group of street delinquents fight each other off, where a young man named Ryousuke Amou easily defeats the others while protecting a yakuza member. Another man named Dai Kanata approaches Amou, asking why he's protecting a yakuza, before saying that he'll be the one to beat him. The two fight evenly, though they are interrupted by police sirens, forcing everyone to retreat. Amou goes back to his bar and upon closing, he sees a VR box appear at his countertop. He puts on the VR glasses and gets transported to the world of Garo Versus Road.

Back to the present, Amou comes across Sena and Hoshiai who are on their way to the safe point, while also seeing the other players run towards them with the yakuza chasing after. One of the yakuza recognizes Amou and challenges him to a fight, with Amou defeating him and knocking him out of the game. Sena asks Amou to come with them at the safe spot but Amou refuses, going off alone.

Meanwhile, other players have also started killing off each other, while the Horrors continue to hunt them down, rapidly decreasing their numbers. Sena, Hoshiai, and some players reach the safe area, but Sena heads out again to see if he could save more people.

Amou once again comes across the yakuza who try to recruit him, promising to leave him and his bar alone in real-life if they win the game. Amou gets irritated and decides that he'll eliminate the yakuza there. The yakuza calls on the other players that they recruited and surround Amou, only for Kanata to arrive and team-up with him. The two fight off and defeat the lackeys, eliminating them. Amused, the yakuza asks the two to join them, but Amou punches one of them to the ground, refusing. Enraged, the yakuza member tries to attack him. The two fight and Amou ends up killing the yakuza member with an axe, while Kanata holds off the last one down.

At the same time, Sena runs through the forest and helps some players get to the safe space, only to see the players he previously saved barricade the place, using Hoshiai as a hostage. A Horror arrives and devours one of the players, distracting the others enough for Hoshiai to escape. One of the players chases and tries to kill Hoshiai, but Sena stops him, with the two brawling in front of the Horror and Sena pinning the other.

With only 51 players remaining, both the yakuza and the player beg to be spared in the game. While Sena stops his attack just in time, Kanata takes the axe from Amou and kills the last yakuza. The player counter hits 50 and the Garo Armor appears before the players, destroying all the Horrors in the area. With the mission cleared, the players get logged out of the game, with Amou seeing in the news that one of the players he met earlier was a killer named Ren Hyuuga.

The next day, Kanata visits Amou in his bar and tells him that they'll fight in the next game, wagering that if Amou loses, he'll join Kanata in defeating the yakuza in the real world. Sena and Hoshiai also meet up and as they talk about the game, Sena decides the see things through to the end, while Hoshiai promises to clear the game and summon Garo.

Back at the VR world, Azami approaches Shousetsu Hagiri as he monitors the players and sees Inga coming out of the men. He tells the players to unleash their darkness as the Garo Armor feeds through their Inga.


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