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This article is about a/an spell and plot device in Garo: Makai Senki.
Seal of Destruction 1

Seal of Destruction burned onto a wall

Seal of Destruction 2

The Seal on Kouga's chest

The Seal of Destruction is a magic spell that Sigma Fudou placed on all the Makai Knights in a zealous attempt to rid the world of them so Makai Priests could reclaim their glory as the protectors of humanity. The seal causes a Makai Knight to have severe chest pains and slowly weakens them until they die. The process seemingly gets worse every time a Knight equips their Armor to fight.


  • The Seal of Destruction is similar to the curse of the Cobra Tattoo from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and the Spider Tattoo from episode 35 of Gosei Sentai Dairanger, as all of them involve painfully and slowly killing their victims through the use of a magic symbol on their bodies.
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