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Sena Kuon is one of the 100 VR players and the protagonist of Garo: Versus Road. He eventually wins the entire game, being granted the title of Garo, the Golden Knight in this timeline.

Character History

Sena is a normal university student who was unknowingly thrust into the Garo Versus Road game after the VR Box appeared in his home. During the first round, he sees his friend Hoshiai among the 100 players, saving him and eliminating the gangster who was attacking him.

After finding a safe spot from the Horrors, Sena leads Hoshiai and some of the other players to it, before leaving once again to save more people. However, upon returning, he sees the players he just saved barricade the place and take Hoshiai hostage, just so they could wait for it all out and leave the other players to be devoured by the Horrors. Upon confronting one of the hostage-takers, he loses his cool and nearly beats the person, though he stops at the last moment, as the counter hits 50 and clears the round. After getting logged out, he meets up with Hoshiai in the real world and vows to see the game through to the end.

In the second round, Sena once again tries to save other players from dying and killing each other. However, since the Horrors would drop the keys to the exit whenever they devour a player, he couldn't stop the other players from attacking each other and force-feeding them so that they can escape. When he gets hold of a key, he tries to go for the exit but is stopped by a Horror who throws him around. Reaching for his Item, he desperately wishes for a key and it turns into one, reaching the goal just as the time expires.

Before the start of the third round, Sena encounters Azami as she starts messing with his head, planting a seed of dissent in his mind about Hoshiai. Sena then confronts him during the third round as the players are outfitted with collars that self-destruct. When Hoshiai kills one of the players to save Sena, the two start to argue, especially after learning that they get killed in real-life if they lose the game. One of the Horrors then possesses Hoshiai, prompting Shuka to demand that one of the players cut him down. Sena volunteers to strike Hoshiai down but refuses at the last moment, prompting Hoshiai to use the self-destruct collar instead, committing suicide and clearing the round for the other players.

Hoshiai's death left Sena emotionally broken as he tried to persuade the remaining players to not kill each other in the real world. His pleas, however, would fall on deaf ears as the other players' own convictions made sure that they would continue fighting. At the start of the fourth round, Sena refuses to fight anyone, still broken over the death of Hoshiai. When Ren Hyuga tries to attack him, Amou shields him and tells him that he shouldn't die yet in the game. After Kanata was possessed by the Maken, Sena witnesses Amou kill his own friend, seeing his conviction as Kanata dies happy in Amou's arms. After Ren himself was turned into an undead thrall, Sena picks up the Maken and cuts him down, with Hoshiai's pendant reacting.


Sena is a young man with a strong sense of morality, often trying to do what is right and protecting the people close to him, particularly Hoshiai. He is also very well-meaning and often tries to reason with people whenever there is an altercation, though these very often fall of deaf-ears, especially with the confrontational players within the game. Though Sena never condones unnecessary violence, he also has a tendency to lose his patience and will not hesitate to fight back when push comes to shove.

After Hoshiai dies in the VR game, Sena becomes too emotional to a fault, refusing to fight anyone within the game and would try his best to stop the game, despite not having the means nor the know-how to do so. After being encouraged by Amou and after listening to the resolve of the few remaining players on why they continue fighting, Sena regains his resolve and promises to clear the game for his dead friend.

Skills and Abilities

Despite being passive and refusing to throw the first punch, Sena is actually a very strong fighter. Even without the influence of the VR game, he can hold himself in a fight and can subdue any opponent with his abilities. Sena often uses a mix of boxing and grounded moves to beat his opponents. Even after donning the Garo Armor, he prefers using this unarmed style, even mixing it with the fighting styles of his fellow VR players to defeat Veil.

When inside Garo Versus Road, he also makes use of the game's powerup to become a competent swordsman, either through the use of his item or through one of the swords provided to him by the game.

Garo, the Golden Knight

By winning Garo Versus Road, Sena was given the title of the Golden Knight. As such, he gains the ability to don the Garo Armor. Unlike the other bearers of the title, he only wears the armor once, immediately equipping on him after pulling the Garoken from its sealing.

The Garo Armor from this timeline features a sleeker and more futuristic design, contrasting the traditional and bulky look that the Armor usually appears as. Given that Sena only donned the Makai Armor once, he doesn't have the swordsmanship skills as any of the Makai Knights. Instead, he uses his natural fighting style, combining it with other forms from his fellow fallen players to defeat Veil. Sena eventually leaves the Armor behind after beating the game.


  • Garoken - The Makai Blade that has been passed down to the bearers of the Garo title. Like the Armor, the blade has taken a more futuristic design with a round hilt. Sena leaves this behind after beating the game.
  • Item - During the second round of the game, Sena is given a crystal item in which he can turn into any object of his choosing, should he wish for it. He usually turns it into a broadsword in the image of his (later Hoshiai's) pendant as a weapon during the game, though he once turned it into a key to clear the second round. He carries the sword through the third and fourth rounds of the game.
  • Pendant - Sena carries the Deluxecalibur pendant that Hoshiai won in a crane game, wearing it in his wrist after Hoshiai passes away. When Sena used the Maken to defeat a possessed Ren, the pendant reacts, causing his strike to glow a golden shine. The pendant once again reacts when Sena finally reaches for the Garoken, allowing him to pull and wield the blade.
  • Maken - A cursed sword that was exclusive to the fourth round of the game. Any player could wield the blade, but has a 99.9-second limit before it turns them into an undead thrall. Sena uses it to kill a turned Ren Hyuuga in the round.



  • Sena Kuon is portrayed by Koya Matsudai.

Behind the Scenes

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