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Shouri Hoshiai was a main character in Garo: Versus Road and one of the 100 VR players in the game. He commits suicide in the third round after being possessed by a Horror.

Character History

Hoshiai was Sena's best friend and university classmate, though he often ditches school and instead hangs out in arcades to play games. After beating a local gangster in a fighting game, the frustrated thug punches his girlfriend and tries to extort money from him, only being saved after Sena interferes. Hoshiai was the one who introduces Sena to Garo Versus Road, originally hearing it as only a rumor. When Hoshiai himself was transported to the game world, he recalled the instructions that Shuka said prior to the first round, using the world's abilities to power himself up, though he would still be powerless against experienced fighters, even becoming a hostage at the later part of the round, though he survives afterward.

Hoshiai was one of the first people to suspect something behind the VR game after the thug's girlfriend tells him that he disappeared after he was eliminated in the game. Though he tries to follow Sena's lead in stopping players from killing each other in the second round, Hoshiai gets a hold of a key after seeing a Horror devour another player and runs away to the finish line, apologizing to his friend.

When Azami Kadou sowed seeds of discord into Sena's mind about his friend, the two finally got into an argument in the third round, after Hoshiai accidentally eliminates a player, killing him. After Sena accuses Hoshiai of leading him into the death game, Hoshiai suddenly gets possessed by a Horror, prompting Shuka to order one of the players to cut him down. Hoshiai urges Sena to kill him, but when Sena refuses, he instead presses his collar's self-destruct button, killing himself. After the rest of the players clear the game. Sena contacts him in the real world, where he disintegrates into dust.


Hoshiai's personality and traits liken him to a stereotypical videogame geek, often skipping university to play in arcades, being good in any game he plays, and often getting bullied by other people, prompting Sena to save him each time. Despite this, he can be quite in the know of certain things, being the first one to hear the rumor of the Garo VR game, as well as hypothesizing what was happening behind the scenes, particularly the players' fate after each round.

In the game, Hoshiai usually followed Sena's lead as he also tried to stop other players from killing each other. However, his convictions wavered in the second round, as he also wanted to survive in the game, prompting him to get a key and leave Sena behind.

Unlike most of the players in Garo Versus Road, Hoshiai was a kind yet timid person without any sign of darkness, as noted by Shousetsu Hagiri, as he was the only one not emitting any Inga to feed the Garo Armor. In reality, he was only used as a catalyst to sow discord among the other players, particularly Sena.

Skills and Abilities

Unlike the other VR players, Hoshiai is not a fighter and has to rely on the game's nature to power himself up, so that he could compete with the rest in the early rounds. His skills, however, shine more in his vast knowledge of video games, as he often figures out the hidden tricks behind the VR game.


  • Item - Like the other players in the second round, Hoshiai is given an item which he can turn into anything he needs in the game. Though he doesn't use it in the round, he later turns it into the same Deluxecalibur broadsword as Sena's in the third round.



  • Shouri Hoshiai is portrayed by Naoya Shimizu.

Behind the Scenes

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