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Sophia "Sophie" Hennes is the main female ally of Garo: Vanishing Line.

Character History

Sophie is an orphan who is searching for her missing brother, and her only clue is the name El Darado. She comes into contact with the main protagonist Sword, early on, later meeting up with the Makai Alchemists, Gina, and Luke. While Luke wants to keep Sophie out of the mix with events concerning El Darado, Gina and Sword support Sophie in her wish to find her brother. As the series progresses Sophie begins to form a relationship with both Sword and Gina, and while never said to them directly, it's likely she saw them as older sibilings, or parents in certain instances, as both Gina and Sword show a great urgency to both help Sophie find her brother, but also to protect her from those persuing her. 

One year after the incident, she recovers her memories and reveals her intent to become a Makai Alchemist.


Sophie shows most often to be stubborn when it comes to finding her brother. She is also very kind when being in company with her friends from the Orphanage, the nun who runs the orphanage whom I'm sure Sophie saw as her mother, Gina, Sword, and Luke. She also has a tendency to display childish behavior from time to time, as during a scene with her, Gina, and Sword, she is upset at Sword for eating all her chocolate. She is also very reckless, as there are plenty of times where Sophie runs into a situation without fully thinking things through, which most of the time puts her in grave danger.



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Behind the Scenes

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