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Soul Metal (ソウルメタル Sōru Metaru) is the ore that Makai Armors and weapons are made from. It is an unusual metal that is forged from plant material from the seeds of the Horror Zedom. The metal reacts to its wielders strength, thoughts and will to enhance their capabilities. It is impervious to conventional human weaponry and those who are untrained in using it get burned by touching it. While very strong, the metal can be damaged or break by powerful excessive force such as the crushing pressure of a large object.

Makai Knights must train from childhood in order to master wielding weapons crafted from the ore safely. In some rare cases, the metal can actually harm its user if they are unfocused. An example of this would be psychological trauma, as with Leon Luis, the trauma of his mother being burned to death caused his armor to react with the seal on his body by going berserk and igniting on fire every time that memory manifested.

Those who are adeptly skilled in using Soul Metal can make it either light as a feather or extremely heavy and in rare cases manipulate a Makai weapons movement; such as making it clash with another weapon in the air without its master holding it.

Makai Armors, unlike medieval armors which restrict movement and provide only defensive advantage, are powerful and agile thanks to Soul Metal. A user is able to perform superhuman feats of speed, strength and agility. One example of its powers of manipulating weight and enhancing speed is giving the wearer of a Makai Armor the ability to run on water. One of the drawbacks however is that even the most skilled Makai Knight can only stay in armor for a few minutes due to the metal's property of burning human flesh after extended contact. Soul Metal can also absorb energies to make Armors more powerful temporarily, such as Madou Fire or spiritual energies such as emotions or the spirits of fallen heroes.

In addition to weapons and armor, Soul Metal can act as a temporary sealing vessel for Horrors so that Knights can seal them away permanently at a Watchdog Castle. However, the residual negative ki of Horrors can build up, so routine purification ceremonies are required every so often to cleanse the weapons and armor. A Makai Knight who ignores this routine or the time limit, risks falling into darkness and becoming a Lost Soul Beast. Those with darkness in them and endure have the power to become a Dark Knight, resulting in the armor taking on a grotesque black appearance and becoming Death Metal.


  • Soul Metal has characteristics similar to Uru from the Marvel Universe in that it can absorb mystical energies to make itself more powerful and can alter its mass to be very heavy or light and like Nth Metal from the DC Universe it can inflict damage on supernatural beings such as spirits.
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