Ryu Kaneda

While some unofficial sites have listed it as Ryuu Kaneda, the credits in Zero: Black Blood show the directors name is spelled with only one "u".
Ryu Kaneda Credit



Taiga, Kouga and Raiga Saejima

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As depicted on official merchandise for the characters.

Kaoru Mitsuki

In the 11th episode Game, Kaoru's name was on a game show entry form in English.
Kaoru's entry form

Garo: The Crimson Moon

All of the official spellings of character names are listed on the official anime web page in both English and Japanese.


Port City

Both Kaoru's entry form address and a can of coffee in a vending machine from Makai no Hana confirm that this is the name of the city that some entries of the Garo series take place in.
Port City beverage

Port City Coffee can

Rune City

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