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A timeline of events in the Garo Series.

Ancient History

The 1600s

  • With the rise of Christianity, the country of Spain's government mounted a witch hunt against all Makai Knights and Priests believing them to be agents of the Devil. The witch hunts led to the deaths of hundreds of Makai agents and the country of Spain became full of Horror activity, with their numbers infiltrating key aspects of the country's government. These Horrors were under the control of the evil Makai Priest Mendosa, who was conspiring to eradicate the Makai Order and all its bloodlines. He did so by manipulating King Fernando into believing they were making him ill through their dark magic, when in reality Mendosa was slowly poisoning him. Another tactic he used was sending fake Orders Documents to agents to trap them, resulting in all real contact with the Makai Senate from Valiante being completely cut off.
    • During one of these executions, the Makai Priestess Anna Luis was burned at the stake. During the process she was in labor and gave birth to her son, Leon. Her husband, German Luis, the Makai Knight Zoro, rescued their son from the flames and fled the country. Regrettably, German had to leave his wife behind to die as the King's soldiers were closing in on him.
  • 17 Years Later, German and his son return to Spain. Leon now holds the title and armor of Garo.

Recent History

The Showa Era

Other Events

  • Taiga Saezima is the current wielder of the Garo Armor.
  • Taiga marries Rin
  • Kouga Saezima is born
  • Rin dies from an unknown illness
  • Young Kaoru Mitsuki is saved by Taiga from a group of Horrors
  • Barago murders his mentor, Taiga

During Garo



  • During a battle with the Horror Angrey, Kouga gets Kaoru soaked in its blood. While he at first attempts to kill her to prevent the agony of death from the Horror blood, he spares her and intends to use her as bait to make his job of tracking down Horrors easier.
  • Barago is devoured by Messiah, Kouga manages to kill Messiah, the Mother of all Horrors, Kiba possesess Barago's corpse and fights Garo in a one-on-one swordfight, Kiba's physical form is destroyed in the end.


Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun


Red Requiem


Kiba Gaiden

  • A new Kiba is chosen, only this time he is American and of Caucasian descent, and he is more of an anti-hero compared to his predecessor Barago.

Makai Senki


Makai Senki


Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries



Black Blood

The Future


The Makai Flower

  • Kouga's son, Raiga, becomes the inheritor of the Garo armor.


Before The One Who Shines in the Darkness
  • During a battle with a very powerful Horror, an unnamed bearer of the Garo Armor used up a great portion of its power to destroy the Horror's body and seal it away. This resulted in the armor being weakened and losing its radiant golden shine, turning jet black on parts of the armor. The Armor was then retired and taken to the Tower of Heroes until Makai Priests could find a way to restore its golden color.


The One Who Shines in the Darkness