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Ximena Coronado co-owns an inn with her father in the Valiante Kingdom capital city, Santa Bard. She initially meets Germán when he is left naked and without his equipment and gives him a sheet to protect his dignity. She later nurses Germán back to health when he is critically injured during the battles against Mendoza and León in his Lost Soul Beast form. Germán and Ximena briefly bond during his stay at her inn. As such, she is one of the few women he treats with any sort of actual respect and compassion. Ximena shows some medical knowledge, as she is able to treat Germán's severe wounds without any apparent side-effects.

Character History

Before heading off to battle, Ximena told Germán to wait and she confessed her feelings of love with a kiss. This led to a passionate burst of romance which concluded with the two sleeping with each other. Germán then left her while she was sleeping to his fufill his final duty.

Several months later, a pregnant Ximena is being fussed over by Leon before he heads out while she is carrying laundry up the stairs, showing concern over his unborn half sibling. Germán's Madogu Jiruba reveals that the unborn baby is a boy, adding to the young Makai Knight's worrying.


  • Jiruba: Germán's Madougu bracelet. Given to her presumably by Leon as a protective charm to keep her and his unborn younger half-brother safe from Horrors by detecting them.



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Behind the Scenes

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