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Zero: Dragon Blood (絶狼<ZERO>-DRAGON BLOOD- Zero -Doragon Buraddo-?) is the second spin-off mini-series of the Garo Franchise and is a sequel to Zero: Black Blood. The mini-series stars Ray Fujita, reprising his role as Rei Suzumura / Zero the Silver Fang Knight. [1]


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Following the events of Zero: Black Blood, Rei Suzumura continues his duties as a protector against Horrors when he crosses paths with Alice Hiromi, a seemingly normal girl who is searching for the mysterious Dragon Egg. He is then tasked to retrieve the egg and guard it against the powerful Dragon Knight, who awakens to try and cause humanity's extinction.



Zero Rei Suzumura


  • Bakura


Supporting Characters

  • Kurehi


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  1. Silver Wolf
  2. Dancing Princess
  3. Pistol
  4. Dragon Man
  5. Eternity
  6. Kagome
  7. Twin Sword
  8. Photograph
  9. Motherliness
  10. Legend
  11. Temple
  12. Smile
  13. World


The official site for Zero: Dragon Blood released a series of short manga which recap details of the events of Rei's life from Garo up to the new series.[2]


  • This is the first series where the Makai Armor's time limit is prominently shown to the viewers. As such, battles involving the Zero Armor happens in real-time, within 99.9 seconds.

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【金狼感謝祭2016ver:特報①】 TVシリーズ 絶狼<ZERO> –DRAGON BLOOD- /GARO PROJECT 128

【金狼感謝祭2016ver:特報①】 TVシリーズ 絶狼<ZERO> –DRAGON BLOOD- /GARO PROJECT 128

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