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Icon-garo.png This article is about a/an armor in the Garo Project series.

Zero (絶狼ゼロ, , lit. "Silver Wolf"?), is one of the Makai Armor that appears in the Garo franchise. The wearer will receive the Silver-Fanged Knight title.


Zero Armor is a silver-white Makai Armor designed for dual bladed combat. Its former wielders were from a now extinct bloodline, with the murdered Knight Douji as its last bearer. Before his tragic death, Douji trained Rei Suzumura to start a new bloodline to bear the title of Zero: The Silver Fanged Knight and he is, thus far, the only known bearer in the series who uses the armor.


The Zero Makai Armor is an agile armor which gives its user dual wielding combat abilities through the use of the twin scimitars, the Ginro Ken (銀狼剣 Ginrōken). The Ginro Ken blades can combine into a crescent blade boomerang which Zero can use in close quarter combat or as a ranged projectile.